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UK to celebrate America Recycles Day with eye-opening display waste display at Young library

By Meg Mills
大学ersity of Kentucky

Each year, the University of Kentucky celebratesAmerica Recycles DayNov. 15 by encouraging faculty, staff and students to recycle and learn more about recycling on campus. This year, due to COVID 19 restrictions, UK Recycling is celebrating a little differently.

Although recycling cardboard on campus is easy, UK Recycling continues to see some of this valuable material discarded. Based on a waste characterization study conducted in October 2018, cardboard makes up 5.6% of all the waste sent to the landfill each year — over 1 million pounds of cardboard discarded each year at UK.

Instead of tabling on campus or hosting an event, UK Recycling plans to demonstrate how much cardboard is sent to the landfill each week — cardboard that could have been recycled. UK Recycling is placing 17 bales of cardboard on display outside of William T. Young Library from Nov. 17-19. Those 17 bales are equal to the 20,133 pounds of cardboard that are still being landfilled each week on campus. By comparison, 22,335 pounds of cardboard are recycled each week.

“Everyone on campus has the ability to make an impact. That one cardboard box you receive at your office or in your residence hall can do a lot of good if it is recycled,” said Joanna Ashford, the recycling coordinator for UK. “We really want to encourage everyone to do their part to help us reach our sustainability goals. We have the opportunity to almost double the amount of cardboard recycled on campus. You can help by placing cardboard, and all other recyclables, in the proper containers.”

UK Recycling, in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, is working toward increasing recycling by 25% and increasing the campus diversion rate to 50% by the end of 2022. In 2019 the diversion rate was 34% (recycling, composting and reuse/donation).

Cardboard that can be recycled includes:

cardboard packing boxes;
cardboard tubes;
boxes with gray or brown interior;
empty delivery pizza boxes; and
cereal and cracker boxes or any box that does not have plastic coating.

Boxes with a white interior, Styrofoam, and frozen food or drink boxes cannot be recycled.

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources, a local cardboard recycling center, is providing and delivering the cardboard bales for this demonstration. Central Kentucky Fiber Resources receives and recycles cardboard for the university.

“Cardboard recycled on campus goes to local recycling mills that create new cardboard boxes or paper board boxes. Recycling helps create local jobs and build a more sustainable environment.” Ashford said.

Meg Mills writes for UK Now


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