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Planning a Thanksgiving gathering? Here are questions to ask, and expert advice about testing


Because just about everything that involves a traditional Thanksgiving meal creates a perfect storm to spread the virus that causes COVID-19, health experts are encouraging people to scale back holiday gatherings to just those in their immediate household, or to practice what epidemiologists call “harm reduction” if they choose to gather.

That poses the question, “If we’re going to celebrate the holiday — how can we make it as safe as possible?” Brian Resnick writes for Vox.


这个节日可以held remotely?“Celebrating virtually or with members of your own household (who are consistently taking measures to reduce the spread of covid-19) poses the lowest risk for spread,” says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thanksgiving guidance.

Can Thanksgiving be held outdoors?Resnick指出,虽然户外聚会比室内更安全,但重要的是要记住,这一策略不是万无一失,而人们仍然需要在社交距离和面具佩戴面具。



Can it be quick?Yes, and the longer you spend with an infected person, the more likely the virus is to be transmitted.

Does there really need to be food?如果将家庭带到一起,你可以在没有坐下的一餐的情况下感恩节,这需要拆除面具并鼓励像大喊大叫一样呼吸呼吸活动。



Can the number of people traveling from hot-spot regions be reduced?

大家是否在掩蔽和个人风险方面参加同一页面?For example, families should ask one another, “How often do you wear a mask, and where?”

Is everyone in attendance willing to be transparent and honest if they do get sick?Resnick写道,“这就是我们如何防止一个家庭爆发成为一个巨大的集群。”

Resnick says the overarching question is: “Can you live with a scenario where someone — or many people — at the gathering get COVID-19?”

哈佛大学流行病学家Julia Marcus告诉Resnick,重要的是对你最重要的事情很重要:“我能和这里能住在哪里?我可以忍受没有传统的感恩吗?“


“As a means of eliminating risk in the midst of a pandemic, the everyone-has-gotten-tested method is utterly absurd,” writes Aschwanden, an award-winning science journalist. “A negative test doesn’t guarantee that anyone is covid-free, and it’s never license to let down your guard. You might, for instance, contract the virus in the interim between being tested and receiving your results, or between getting your results and seeing your friends and family. (The testing site itself could even be where that happens.)


That said, tests can be part of a multi-faceted preventive approach.

For The Conversation, a nonprofit that offers research-based journalism from academics, American University epidemiologist Melissa Hawkins writes that her family’s plans for the holiday include testing, less travel and fewer people.

She says instead of their usual pilgrimage to Florida, along with both grandparents, to celebrate with all of the cousins, this year her family will stay home and keep their gathering “small and flexible.”




And whether inside or out, she writes that everyone will wear masks when they aren’t eating, and social distance. She also notes it’s important to be mindful of alcohol consumption, since it lowers inhibitions.



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