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Now more than ever, Kentucky restaurants need your support and business — here’s how you can help

By Dan Liebman

The National Restaurant Association estimates that by the end of the year, roughly 100,000 restaurants across the country will have closed permanently.




What slips away are not just the familiar faces, but the places where we enjoyed not only a good meal or drink but laughs with friends and families, celebrations of all kinds, and trips down memory lane.

这些餐厅的消失 - 大而小,企业和独立,特许经营和家庭拥有 - 改变了我们社区的非常面料。我们都可以回忆一下我们曾经访问的地方,Covid-19如此残酷地带走了。



It seems forward, perhaps presumptuous, to ask you to do even more. But your neighbors need you now more than ever.


• As the weather turns colder, outdoor dining at most locations will end and many people, understandably so, are not yet ready to return to indoor dining.

• With the time change, it gets dark earlier and many people get home and don’t go back out, unlike in the summer when the sun shines to 9 or 9:30 p.m.


• Though many received PPP (Payroll Protection Program) funds, it was only a short-term help. The money is gone but the pandemic is not.


• Every restaurant that stays open continues to keep employees on the payroll … and off unemployment.



我们的砖和迫击炮 - 企业不仅仅支付员工。ope体育正规大网我们的触手每周到达其他当地企业 - 电工,水管工,暖通空调和制冷ope体育正规大网修理,垃圾收集器,保险代理,效用供应商,金融机构,广告网点,食品和饮料供应商......列表继续进行。

不仅如此,对我们所在的社区来说,我们纳税 - 工资单,财产,学校,卫生部,图书馆,收入(城市,州和联邦),更不用说社会保障和医疗保险。还应注意到我们为当地慈善机构,公民团体,助推器俱乐部等贡献多少。


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• Keep supporting locally owned businesses. A dollar spent locally churns much more through a town’s economy. No, this doesn’t mean stop shopping at national chains or franchisee-owned stores. Yes, while some of those dollars flow to corporate headquarters, they too employee local citizens and make a continuing contribution to every town.

• On a night when you just don’t feel like going back out, do so anyway. The extra effort might just keep a locally owned business from shuttering its doors.

• While restaurants will always be busier — pandemic or not — on Friday and Saturday nights, remembers to visit on a Monday or Tuesday. It costs the same to turn on the lights and have employees working no matter what day of the week it is.

• 小费。请。即使在快餐或快速服务的餐厅,即使是留下一两美元的简单行为也可以对努力工作的员工进行巨大的差异。

• Need stocking stuffers or gifts for family, friends, and co-workers? Buy gift cards. The business receives the money now and the recipient can use the gift at any time.

•还记得强调我们都是。不,这是不t an excuse for say, an inferior meal or lackluster customer service. But stop and think how hard it is to work all day in a hot restaurant kitchen while wearing a mask, the extra work involved in making sure — even more so than usual — that everything is cleaned and sanitized, and the pressure of making and packaging orders quickly when there are 20 cars waiting in a drive-thru line for hours on end.



We certainly are not in the best of times today. But restaurant owners are collectively enriched by our customers, who are showing the best of spirit … the best of caring … the best of humanity.

We ask you to keep it up.

丹莱伯曼is the owner of Staxx BBQ in Frankfort, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in May 2021.


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