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正如我驾驶我的1957年黑色雪佛兰敞篷车过去雷克廷人的蓝色草地,我感觉很好。Only 19, I already was covering high school sports for The Leader, the city’s afternoon newspaper, and I was on the way to Princeton, in deep western Kentucky, to cover a playoff game between Lafayette High, a team I had covered all season, and Caldwell County, led by Kerry Curling, a two-way star who had committed to Coach Charlie Bradshaw at the University of Kentucky.

The drive was so long and boring that I didn’t want to make it alone, so I recruited three of my fraternity brothers at Transylvania College (now University) to keep me company. One of them was sports fanatic Bill Poulson of New Jersey, but I can’t remember the others. I’m sure we were chattering about something boys our age chattered about – girls, sports, the party after the next day’s Kentucky-Tennessee game – when the car radio crackled with a bulletin that shut us up.

Billy Reed是美国篮球作家名人堂的成员,肯塔基州新闻名人堂,肯塔基州的名人堂和特兰西瓦大学名人堂。他已被命名为肯塔基体育作家八次,并赢得了欧洲人奖三次。芦苇已经撰写了四十多年的众多体育赛事,也许是肯塔基德比最知识的作家之一。他的书“最后一个品种”可在亚马逊上获得.

It was a little after 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22, 1963.

President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.

A little more than a half-hour later came the news that the President had died on an operating table in Parkland Hospital.

The rest of the trip is a blur. Somewhere on the Western Kentucky Parkway, the sky turned dark and it started raining. When we finally got to Princeton, we went to the funeral home owned by frat brother Al Templeton’s family. They were expecting us, and had some food ready. We also got to watch some coverage of the tragedy in Dallas on a black-and-white TV set.

The game was miserable. I slogged up and down the sidelines, alternately taking notes and photos. The field was so sloppy that it robbed Lafayette of its trademark speed. When it was mercifully over, Caldwell County had won, 6-0, on a touchdown run by Curling.

The trip back to Lexington seemed to take forever. The radio was off because my buddies all were sleeping. I finally dropped them off at Transy at about 4 a.m., then went to the Herald-Leader building on nearby Short Street to drop off my film and type up my game story.


我没有睡觉。令人惊讶的是,英国 - 田纳西州的比赛没有推迟,我坐在山顶上,有一些兄弟兄弟。英国丢失了,19-0,之后的党内醒来。我们吸收的成人饮料越多,我们变得越来越令人悲伤。流行的歌曲,“哭泣的宝贝,”加入Mims和魔法师,完全适合我们的心情。


The word “charisma” may have been invented to describe JFK. Only 43 at the time of his death, he was much closer to our age than President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the grandfatherly figure who guided our nation through the 1950s. He seemed to have it all – rugged good looks, a beautiful wife, a lovely son and daughter, a lot of money, and a zest for life that we found irresistible.

In addition, he was a Harvard graduate, our first Roman-Catholic President (Joe Biden will become the second), a highly decorated PT Boat commander in World War II, and the son of Joe Kennedy, a political wheeler-dealer in Massachusetts who made at least part of his fortune as a bootlegger. He also was President Roosevelt’s ambassador to England just before the outbreak of World War II.

肯尼迪的老年人决定他的老年儿子Joe Jr.,将进入政治,最终成为总统。当Joe Jr.在飞机飞越英国频道的飞机中被杀死,那个梦想死了。所以老年人肯尼迪转向约翰,下一个儿子依次。

After retiring from the Naval Reserve in 1945, the young JFK worked briefly as reporter for Hearst newspapers. But his destiny was in politics. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1947 and served until ’53, when he was elected to the Senate. That’s what he was doing in 1959, when the Democratic Party selected him to run for President against Republican Richard M. Nixon, who had been Eisenhower’s Vice-President for eight years.

Kennedy won, barely. His father was accused of conspiring with Mayor Richard Daley to buy votes in Chicago. Nevertheless, the transfer of power was orderly, in keeping with long-standing tradition. In his inauguration speech, Kennedy promised America would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.


When U.S. spy planes got photographs of the hidden missiles, it precipitated what came to be known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis.” The Russians ignored JFK’s demand to take the missiles home, so the U.S. set up a blockade designed to stop the Russian ships before they reached Cuba. As the Russians steamed inexorably toward the blockade, the world braced itself for World War III, which would have been a nuclear war that would destroy the world.



President Kennedy addresses the nation on civil right. (Wikimedia Commons)

Right then the world changed, never to be the same.

One reason I liked JFK was his love of sports. He was on the varsity swimming team at Harvard, and he loved to play touch football with family and friends on the White House lawn. He always attending the Army-Navy football game, dutifully spending a half on each side of the field. He tried to be neutral, but everybody knew he wanted Navy to win.

在某些时候,他成为Vince Lombardi的朋友,他在肯尼迪被宣布时教练了绿湾包装机。在1961年赛季结束时,包装商达到了对费城老鹰队的NFL冠军赛。不幸的是,它看起来好像是他们没有三名最好的球员,包括多天赋的明星保罗·赫恩,因为他们因冷战而被称为活跃的军队责任。


Actually, JFK and Hornung would have gotten along well. Both were earthy men who appreciated bawdy jokes, beautiful women, and a couple of cocktails. The same could be said of JFK that once was said of Hornung – women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be like him.

Over these 57 years, I’ve often thought about what the world would be like today if President Kennedy had survived. I want to believe it would be a much better place, but maybe I’m wrong. All I know is that JFK represented the best and brightest of his generation. Our task today is finding the best and brightest of this generation, and future ones, and convincing them to seek careers in public service instead of Corporate America.

The JFK in my soul refuses to let me give up on America, no matter how many of our brethren seem to prefer a dictatorship to a democracy. The old black spiritual, “We Shall Overcome,” echoes in the recesses of my mind.

Someday we again will have a President who joyously plays touch football, or maybe women’s field hockey, on the White House lawn, bright sunshine forcing today’s darkness into the shadows of history.



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