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al cross: Governor Beshear needs help with preventive pandemic messages

It’s rare for a high-ranking official to seek advice publicly, but that’s exactly what Gov. Andy Beshear did Wednesday at his daily coronavirus briefing, seemingly at wit’s end when it comes to persuading Kentuckians to follow his emergency orders and help thwart the accelerating pandemic.


She said “Some prefer a blunt approach, basically, ‘If you go see Grandma, you might be burying her at Christmas.’ Others think there’s a better way, by pulling in local people to tell these stories, and their experiences with COVID-19. So, what sort of approach are you planning on as we head into the holidays, to convince people to increase their compliance?”

Beshear replied, “All of the above. I will try any approach if it’ll help people do the right thing and help protect one another.”

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“You sit up and night and think, ‘If I’d just said something, something different, or in a different way, would more people do it?’ And so you can come back the next day and you try that, and then you try it again a different way. I’ll try any of it. And I hope people out there know that we’re doing the best we can, each and every day, and I hope it’s, I hope it’s good enough.”


肯塔基州的表现好于大多数州pandemic, mainly because Beshear has been more willing to impose restrictions than most governors, and because most of his constituents have been willing to comply. But too many don’t, and Beshear often shows his frustrations with them – and with those who question his approaches.

When two leading Kentucky economists said the state could get a better picture of the pandemic with random-sample testing, as the University of Louisville’s Co-Immunity Project is doing, Beshear said the state had enough data from voluntary testing, and threw a jab at them: “I know some economists, just from a value system, are more worried about, you know, economic impact than lives.”

That was an uncalled-for slur of Ken Troske, an endowed economics professor at the University of Kentucky, and Paul Coomes, emeritus economics professor at U of L. Their universities, the state Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky all endorsed their random-testing idea in a letter to Beshear in June, and he didn’t even bother to reply.


Beshear似乎将所有共和党人视为政治上积极的共和党人,并没有向他们的立法领导者联系,直到他宣布最新一轮限制 - 然后只告诉他们他在做什么,而不允许足够的时间追究他们的问题。


He said Wednesday, “If there are those in the state and different parties that disagree with me, they’re disagreeing with Donald Trump’s White House,” which had endorsed his latest restrictions. He used the final phrase three times, apparently thinking it might persuade some Trump supporters to go along.

对不起,州长,蛋糕大多烤。他们似乎很少有倾听。You said you welcomed advice, so here’s some: Do less talking, and let more of it be done by health professionals, especially at the local level by front-line health workers who have seen people suffer and die from COVID-19 – and by some victims themselves. As you said Wednesday, “People really need facts, and facts from a trusted source.”



  1. Dolores Delahanty 说:

    It would also help if local television stations would interview folks throughout Kentucky who have relatives who have died from COVID .I am struck by the daily remembrance on the National news program of Nicole Wallace where she speaks about someone who has died because of COVID epidemic. Putting a face to the tragedy has an impact.
    Dolores Delahanty