The answer is there, keep looking.

People come to me when they want to change something in their life, they think there is something wrong with it and needs to be fixed.

Now, there is nothing unusual about that, we are all human beings and we all have our moments when we don’t feel our best, we feel disconnected, and we feel that our situations and circumstances are not exactly ideal so we are compelled to do something to change that.

The way I see it is quite different and in my view nothing’s broken. What we experience is simply our thinking and the emotional pain that comes with it. When we don’t feel at ease all we want is for the pain to go away or at least, to feel more comfortable with it.

The problem isn’t in any of this, having not so nice thoughts is normal, we all do. The problem is in the fact we believe there is something we need to do and most of the times we tend to look for a quick fix, for someone to give us a ‘pill’ and feel better as quickly as possible.

The truth for me is that every time we feel things are not quite the way we think they should be, there is little point in trying to change them as in my experience, although we might be able to do something about them, it takes a lot of effort and drains our energy levels.

What if there was nothing for us to do? What if we understood that all we are experiencing was just our thinking about whatever we feel needs to be different from what it is? What if we were able to see that we live in the feeling of our thinking 100% of the time, not the feeling of the world?

This is the direction I keep looking and point my clients to, ’cause I know that every answers and solutions we seek lie there.



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  1. Thoughts create feelings, so if don’t feel great, we need to look at what type of thoughts we have been feeding and giving power too . Our minds, usually are conditioned to embrace fear and worry, which eventually block the flow of our energy, and my truth is, this blocked energy eventually manifests into physical illness.

    1. Hey Lorraine, that’s my experience as well and I’ve also learned that if I leave my thoughts alone, hence have a quieter mind, they will be soon replaced by new ones. And the quieter my mind is, the better the quality of my thoughts.

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