My take on Purpose

[divider]On a Friday evening last April, I received a phone call from a chap asking me if I would be interested in giving a talk to their organisation in Oxford the next Tuesday.

Considering that I had already the entire weekend booked up to spend some quality time with my wife, it meant that I would have had only one day, Monday, to decide on the topic and prepare for the talk.

I had already given another talk for the same organisation, and although I knew I wouldn’t get paid, they always manage to gather a good crowd, all the proceeds go to charity, and so…

I replied, “I’d love to!”

The title of the talk was “Living a life of Purpose” and during the course of the evening, I shared my own understanding of the topic based on some of my personal experiences in life. After all isn’t life itself our greatest teacher?

What I’ve learned is very simple.

My only purpose in life is to be me and the purpose of everyone else is to be themselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

We quite often tend to look for something to “do”, like help others, play music, write poetry, work in the fields or in a factory, drive a lorry, write software coding and so on. But these are all just by-products of who we are, they are the results of our actions, not the driving force that creates them.

And the beauty of this understanding lies in the fact that we don’t need to know what to do to know what our purpose in life is, all we need is to express ourselves through spontaneity and will.

That’s our – and only – purpose.

It’s to listen to our inner voice, not the one in our head, that’s another voice of which I may speak of in the future.

The voice I’m talking about is the one that comes from deep within. From a place so deep that if you follow its path you end up in the same place we all hear this voice from. I call it our Heart, others call it God, Mind, Universal Source, Global Energy and a plethora of other names.

What you call it doesn’t matter as long as you acknowledge it’s there.

Can you hear it now? It’s always there, you know? Sometimes it’s louder, some other times it’s just a whisper, but it’s always with us and I suggest you listen to it.

I’ll leave you to “tune in” on this for a few days but look out for the next post as the story may be continued 🙂

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