Let’s talk about fitness

I don’t know about you but I think the fitness industry has taken it too far. Indeed so far, that what we see today in magazines, on TV or online, has nothing to do with fitness and portraits an image of being fit that is unsuitable for the majority.

One of the definitions of fitness is “ The quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task”.

If we apply this definition to our bodies, being fit does not mean oversized muscles, broad shoulders, big chests, six packs and a 5% body fat.

In today’s world, where many of us have sedentary jobs or jobs which require very little of our bodies compared to just 50 years ago, there is no need for super strength or massive muscles. A builder, a lumberjack, a factory worker surely needs a stronger body than mine but even for them, there is no need to look like those guys on fitness magazine’s covers.

I believe fitness means something different. It is having a body that is fully functioning, fit for purpose (different for each of us), and that allows us to move easily in the ways we need, to do the things we want to do throughout the day.

But today’s fitness industry is massive, powerful and highly influential and needs us to want one thing and one thing only, to desire a body that looks a certain way.

To fulfil that desire, we are required to invest a good deal of money on fitness programs, gym memberships, supplements and special diets.

The fitness industry always wins while those who have fallen for the illusion they have been sold, often end up with an unhealthy relationship with a body that is still not fit for purpose.

To a degree, I see myself as a recovering victim of this game and in future posts, I’ll do all I can to explain why I’ve chosen to play a different game. One that seems healthier for me, for the environment and for many of other species of animals that share this earth with us.

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