Looking for some reasons to buy organic?

Before I give you some possible answers, please allow me to get this out of my chest.

Why on earth do we call and label traditionally grown fruits and vegetable organic?
Isn’t all the rest that should be labelled non-organic given that is grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs and god knows what other chemicals?

I think so.

I also think that if the labels listed all the chemical compounds used to grow the produce, I’m sure people would think twice before buying them.

Now, I don’t buy organic food because it tastes better.

If you blindfolded me and gave me two tomatoes to taste, one organic and the other from mainstream agriculture, I can’t honestly say that I could tell the difference.

Taste is important, but definitely not the reason for choosing organic. Not for me anyway.

Having said that, I have plenty of valid reasons and here is my list for you to consider:

  • It’s kinder to animals, including humans
  • It’s kinder to the environment
  • It’s safer to eat (sorry but I just don’t trust chemicals and the large corporations that sell them)
  • It’s often packaged in non-plastic containers or free of packaging altogether
  • Generally comes from small, medium size farms that receive less or no funding at all
  • Supports agricultural diversity
  • Encourages and promotes biodiversity
  • It’s non-GMO
  • Meat and dairy (if you still choose to eat them) are free of antibiotics, hormones or other drugs

Yes, for now, organic is still more expensive but with the increase in demand, prices will go down more and more.


PS. Blindfolded or not, I can definitely tell the difference between tomatoes grown under the sun and those grown in greenhouses 🙂

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