Simple, non intrusive, exclusively personal and it never fails to deliver.

Unlike traditional coaching, my unique approach gives you an understanding of how your life experience is created and how you can will yourself into life as opposed to being a mere spectator of it.

People working with me commonly experience:

  • Better results and balance in their personal and professional lives
  • Less stress, worry or anxiety
  • Increased sense of serenity and peace
  • Clarity and presence
  • Pure and genuine happiness
  • Better relationships

I experience all of the above more and more every day, and I know it’s possible for others because I see it every day working with people like you.

When you are ready, take a look below at the various opportunities we can create to work together.

This is a full day programme where we look at your life in all areas you want to explore. Together we explore in which areas you’re doing well and those in which you’re not doing so well. We take a fresh approach to your life from a new understanding of how the human experience is created, and how from this understanding an infinite list of possibilities and options become available to you.
A series of 4 follow-up sessions…

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Be part of a strictly limited number of people who are individually and periodically coached over a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

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Not sure if coaching is for you and you’d like a test-drive session?

You’ve had coaching before and just need a top-up?

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What some of our clients had to say

What words can best describe the sense of peace I now enjoy?
I have been thinking how much simpler is now to just embrace feelings and emotions, and see them for what they truly are.
Working with you helped me have so many precious insights! I never thought I could actually discover so many positive ways to enjoy my beautiful life!
I feel I have much more to appreciate now. I can finally listen to my inner desires and make things happen without being afraid of the consequences.
Thank you so much!! I will never and ever forget all this.


I was completely fed up with everything, I felt deeply unmotivated and had very little confidence before I started going to Paolo. I found his coaching extremely beneficial, it made me look at life with a new perspective and see possibilities I could not see before. As a result, I am now revitalised and energetic.


Working with Paolo allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education to have a career that I will love! I have always wanted to have my own business but fear prevented me from taking the steps necessary to make it happen. Paolo assisted me in finding the inspiration and the tools within myself to see the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work.


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